Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Prosper book assists borrowers and lenders

Prosper borrower, lender, and group leader Sean Bauer has just published a new book about Prosper - The Complete Guide to This 263 page book is a solid starter to help new borrowers and lenders avoid common mistakes and get started on the right foot with Prosper.

Most borrowers on Prosper do not get funded. Those that do often create more than one listing before they finally get a loan. The primary aim of this book is to provide advice based on research and experience to help these new borrowers create listings that will get funded.

This is a list of the chapters:
  1. How and why will revolutionize America
  2. Getting started on Creating an account
  3. Borrowing: Could/should you borrow with Prosper?
  4. Borrowing: Creating your borrower's listing
  5. Borrowing: Endorsements give you a helping hand
  6. Borrowing: Managing your loan
  7. Groups: Take advantage of their huge potential
  8. Groups: Starting your own
  9. Groups: Manage your group for success
  10. Lending: Becoming a lender
  11. Lending: Listings
  12. fees (Yes, they charge!)
  13. Tools for using
  14. Forums and conclusions: You've seen it all now

As I read the book I was reminded just how fast the marketplace is changing. It's hard to print a book about Prosper and stay current. There are several marketplace changes in the past few weeks and months that are not mentioned in the book. For example, the book does not mention the recent change in collection agencies, the changes in the official forums, or any of the changes announced at Prosper Days such as portfolio plans.

Although the marketplace is rapidly changing, The Complete Guide to does provides current, practical useful advice to help any new borrower or lender. If this book resonates with the P2P marketplace I see Bauer publishing a new edition every year.

Special offer (today only): In an effort to climb the Amazon bestseller list, Bauer has partnered with 13 different sites including Prosper Lending Review to provide incentives for readers to purchase the book on March 6th. Details about the special offer are on the Prosper book website. These are the bonus gifts:

  • SCOTT BILKER, Author of "Talk Your Way Out Of Credit Card Debt" – A FREE downloadable Mortgage Comparison Calculator
  • JUNE CAMPBELL, Writer, Internet Marketer and the Owner of Nightcats Multimedia Productions – A Twenty-Two Step Guide to Making Money Online
    DAWN VAUGHAN, Residential Designer, Vaughan's Home Design LLC – A FREE Stock House Plan: the "Laura Cottage" is an affordable starter or retirement home (valued at $600.00!)
  • MARK WALTERS, 3rd Generation Real Estate Investor & – Not Just One, But Three Valuable Bonus Gifts: "Real Estate Investing Tips & Advice" eBook, Free Real Estate Videos, AND "How To Get Out Of Debt & Create An Investing Machine" Video
  • DR. JOE VITALE – Invincible Marketing – The 7 Principles of Success in Business. In this 58 paged Special Report, Dr. Vitale walks you through each of his 7 principles about Invincible Marketing, as he is interviewed by Jeff Chavez for this live, once-in-a-lifetime teleseminar!
  • LEARNTOLEND.COM – Free Membership. Get your peer lending questions answered with the Lending Profits Guide, helping you succeed in peer to peer lending at both and
  • BRUCE LIU, Primemax Marketing Group – FREE eBook entitled "7 Secrets Guaranteed To Boost Your Credit Score!" Discover the "little-known" secrets that guaranteed to raise your credit score.
  • WAHMCART.COM – Special Report on "The Key Components of a Successful Website".
    JOAN SOTKIN – FREE "Basic Money Management" eBook
  • PROSPER LENDING REVIEW – Ten articles for Prosper lenders from the Authors of Prosper Lending Review in one easy to read PDF.
  • LAZY MAN AND MONEY – 37 Tips for Living Your Life Better.
  • S&S INVESTMENTS, LLC – Three Articles: Simple Money Management 'Check-Up' Strategies, The Power of Compound Interest, Choosing the Right Mortgage for You.
  • THEDIGERATILIFE.COM – Four Articles: 8 Lessons I Learned From The Cheapest Family In The Nation, The Brand New World Of Peer To Peer Lending, Top 10 Wealth Building Ways Of Ordinary People, Bad Ways To Use Credit: A List of 21 Credit Card Mistakes.

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