Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prosper Lending Review - the year in review

Happy birthday to Prosper Lending Review! We have been blogging for over a year now. In June 2007 my brother Matt told me about Prosper, a P2P lending site, that he had been funding loans on for about a year. I was immediately intrigued. On June 15, 2006 we launched Prosper Lending Review – a blog about the P2P lending marketplace with a focus on Prosper lenders.

Since then we have watched Lending Club grow, GlobeFunder launch, Virgin Money purchase Circle Lending, Zopa move to the U.S. and Fynanz launch. We expect to see Loanio launch soon and keep watching Canada to see if CommunityLend or IOU Central will open their doors. It's an exciting time for P2P lending and we are happy to be part of it.

Here's a look back at the past year. These are the most popular articles on the site as measured by the number of unique visitors.

These are the top 10 referring blogs and forums over the past year.

What are people looking for when they come to Prosper Lending Review from Google? Here are the top 10 search terms driving traffic from search engines:

Again, it's an exciting time for P2P lending. Stay with us over the coming weeks and months as we continue to follow the P2P lending marketplace.

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Brett @ Personal Loan Portfolio said...

Tom, Congratulations on reaching one year. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts. Good luck!