Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Loanio launches

I jumped the gun last week but it's for real this time. After nearly a year of anticipation, Loanio has finally opened their doors. You can sign up as a lender, borrower or co-borrower. Last month we got a sneak peak and reviewed Loanio. Now you can check it out at the official site.

There is currently one borrower listing. A borrower from Pennsylvania hopes to consolidate her credit card debt.


Mike said...

Curious about what states they have licenses for lending in -- they don't in Illinois yet.

Tom said...

You can see them all here.

Wiseclerk said...


you still have the "Coming soon" ad for Loanio on top of your blog.

Tom said...

Thanks WiseClerk.

It's fixed now.

Craig said...

I really like the Coborrower option. It's like doubling your chances to get paid!