Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lending Club introduces new lending features

Lending Club has introduced four new features for lenders - the ability to reinvest monthly payments, more visibility to see notes already invested in when browsing to avoid accidentally lending to the same borrower twice, an invite friends feature to give new lenders $50, and a new 'charged-off' status.

Here is Lending Club's explanation of the new features:
  • Reinvesting Monthly Payments: until now, it took some efforts to keep your money invested. We have made it a lot easier by offering the ability to schedule a search that runs automatically when your cash balance equals or exceeds a given amount. This feature currently uses LendingMatch; we will be adding the ability to use the more granular credit criteria soon. To find this feature, log into your lender account and go to Invest > Reinvest

  • Notes Already Invested in: many of you have asked for this feature in the last few months: you will now be able to see which series of notes you have already invested in and avoid investing a second time. You can also exclude them altogether when browsing and searching for notes to invest in, by selecting a check box at the top of the search page.
  • Give your friends $50: you can now pass the word out to your friends and family and give them $50 to try Lending Club. Simply log into your lender account, click on the "Invite" tab, and fire up emails to your connections.

  • Charged off loans and notes: we have added a “charged off” status to your account, so that you can now differentiate defaults from charge-offs. While “default” occurs automatically when a loan is 120 days past due, a loan or note only gets charged off when Lending Club considers it unrecoverable after a review of the collections activities (which can happen before or after 120 days). These charge-offs will appear in your end of year statement so that you can report them as losses for tax purposes.
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