Friday, March 20, 2009

Mint adds Lending Club functionality; registers millionth user

Mint just reached it's one-millionth user! You can read about Tammi K from Oregon on Mint's blog. What I love is that to reward her, and to celebrate having one-million happy paid off Tammi's credit card, and her mother-in-law's card since she is the one who referred her to Mint. That's an awesome surprise!

A couple of other interesting notes on and Lending Club accounts now work in Mint. Also, if you have assets, you can show them in Mint (home equity, concert posters, cars, etc.).

Lots of exciting development going on in recent weeks with Mint, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.


Tom said...

How good is the Lending Club integration?

JessicaW said...

It treats it just like any other bank or investment account. It's a little bit distracting to see all the little payments and intrest accruals every day or two for $.01 and $.02. At first I was trying to figure out what that was, and after a while I noticed that they were all linked to my LC account, so I just ignored it. (I have a very small LC account).

小橋川 純苔 said...

The LC integration gets as far as having your balance, so you can include it in your asset totals. It doesn't really provide any useful information about your performance or breakdowns, and the charts are pretty much useless.

But it's definitely nice to be able to have all my balances in one place, including my LC balance.