Monday, July 13, 2009

Looks Like is On Its Way Back!

I recieved an email this morning from Investar of the SEC Prosper and Investing Forums (The "quiet diary") about a possible re-launch of today.

I checked out Prosper, and sure enough, another one of those ominous "down for maintenance" pages like we saw the day before the Finovate Conference.

Paraphrasing Investar's email he says that the US SEC approved Prosper's new securitized note trading platform at 3:30 PM on Friday, and that they pulled the site down over the weekend through Monday.

Looks like we might get (another) launch tomorrow from Really looking forward to seeing them back into the P2P world.

Thanks Investar for sharing the info, we really do appreciate it.

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小橋川 純苔 said...

It's nice that Lending Club has had a clear field to play catch-up in. It's also nice that LC will now have some competition. I'm curious who will be ahead in 2010 revenues.

I'm pretty sure this growing industry has more than enough room for both of them and a few more players besides. Prosper's vacation has been a blessing in disguise for the industry, where what would otherwise have been a field with only one dominant player looks like it will really have the potential to be a colorful range of competitors, each having a different take on the same basic ideas. The resulting market, I suspect, will be larger than what Prosper could have created on their own.