Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lending Club expands beyond Facebook

Lending Club passed $1,000,000 in loans and, according to TechCrunch, will announce later today that they are expanding beyond Facebook. We have known for a long time that they will be expanding - they only question was when. TechCrunch does not answer that question but we will be watching Lending Club's blog for news.

Lending Club just recently received $10 million in venture capital and ran a very popular video contest on YouTube. I've previously written about how Lending Club does not need Facebook.

Update: Lending Club has formally announced their new website and move beyond Facebook - active immediately. Rex Dixon, Lending Club's Director of Social Media Content, reveals that Center Networks accidentally stumbled upon the story last night as they were testing the website changes. Here's Rex Dixon's talks about the transition from the old blog/Facebook-focused site to the new open site:

"The story broke by accident last night. Why is that? Well what happened is the IT guru’s at LC decided to just do the simple DNS switch and stop forwarding the “www” address to the “blog.” address.

This was found out and the story broke on one of my favorite blogs last evening. Allen was doing his job and reading blogs, catching up on news, and he was there to see the switch. Great blogging man, and kudos to you. I’m sorry I had to be vague in our chat last night. He also updated the news, as any great blog should, this morning!"

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