Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Prosper's Product Manager seeks loan on Prosper

Prosper's Product Manager, known as Prosper Andrew on the Prosper forums is seeking a $10,000 loan on Prosper to replace a leaky patio. His listing is attracting a lot of interest in the forums. The loan was quickly funded, and has been bid down from 15% to 7% with 6 days and 9 hours remaining.

Andrew is also a lender on Prosper, and has made about $7,000 in loans. His lending portfolio is not doing very well. 5.65% of his loans have defaulted, and another 3.5% of his loans are late. He should have followed the advice of staying away from HR and E borrowers, but many of his loans were made before reliable statistics were available.

Prosper Andrew has been active in the forums with more than 500 posts, and has been the main point of contact to Prosper for many lenders. On one of his posts he posted the results of a visualization tool run on the Prosper database. That turned out to be a pretty cool image:

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