Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ABC 7 covers Prosper Days

ABC 7 has produced a short clip with highlights from Prosper Days. It includes an interview with "Freakoconomics" author Stephen Dubner and lender Marilyn Paguirigan. See our previous post for the rest of Prosper Days coverage by the mainstream media and blogs.

ABC 7: New lending site helps people "prosper"


Brian said...

Pretty good piece, though the comment about getting between 7 and 11 percent interest should have had a boatload of caveats attached to it :) It's possible to get more (I am) and it's possible to get a lot less, and of course, to lose money. Still, it'll get more people interested, which is good.

Tom said...

Brian, thanks for your comment. What rate are you earning? What is your Prosper username, if you don't mind me asking.