Sunday, February 17, 2008

Prosper offers $130K for senior software engineer

Prosper is searching for a senior software engineer who is a "good .Net generalist" with experience in C#, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and ASP.NET. This is a full time position with a salary in the range of $100K to $130K and stock options. In their help wanted ad they say, "The web team is 6-7 people right now, so everyone has an impact from day one. We release code every six weeks, and do a lot of experimentation, so your work isn't getting delayed for months and then shelved at the last minute."

Although I have before, normally I don't post help wanted ads for Prosper. This job is interesting, however, because it is not listed on the Prosper jobs page and is written much more informally. For example, the dress is described as casual but "you still need footwear, we're not THAT casual." You won't see that on their official job board. Read more on 43folder's job board.

Other open jobs at Prosper include

Lending Club is also hiring. They have four openings right now:

Zopa US is looking for help. They are looking for a web developer, financial systems developer, and senior credit officer. They are also looking for rapid growth in the coming months. On their jobs page they say, "We're going to need folks in many different roles here, particularly in marketing and product management, within the coming months (but not right now)."

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