Friday, April 18, 2008

Prosper Days 2008 Videos

Hundreds of borrowers, lenders and Prosper employees converged on San Fransisco in February for Prosper Days 2008. Prosper has now released video from the conference. Thanks to Prosperous Land for the tip.

Prosper Days 2008: Prosper 101 - Session for those who are new to Prosper or need a refresher course. Bryan and Tim give a Prosper history lesson, site tour and how-to demonstration.

Prosper Days 2008: Chris Larson's Keynote - Chris Larsen, CEO and Co-Founder, Prosper Marketplace Inc. Introduction by Marilyn Paguirigan.

Prosper Days 2008: Borrower Experiences - This session presents an opportunity for all members to gain a better understanding of the overall experience and process from a Borrower.

Prosper Days 2008: Leveraging Social Capital - In this session, panelists share their thoughts on social capital and what role it can play in improving borrower credit performance and lender returns.

Prosper Days 2008: Managing Large Portfolios - In this session, one of Prosper's larger lenders will discuss some best practices for creating a large portfolio with attractive returns. In addition, the session highlights a third party technology solution for building and managing a large portfolio.

Prosper Days 2008: Earning A Risk Adjusted Return - This session covers how to earn a risk adjusted return by understanding the relationship between risk and pricing.

Prosper Days 2008: Collection Practices - This session reviews the current status of Prosper’s collection process, including the results of several recent initiatives, and discuss the road map for future enhancements.

Prosper Days 2008: Prosper API Workshop - The API session provides a discussion with a number of users of the Prosper API including demos and commentary on how to put the API to work for better bidding, building applications, and even creating a new business built on Prosper data. The session is for advanced users, both programmers and non-programmers alike.

Prosper Days 2008: Advanced API Applications - Advanced applications information that goes beyond the API Workshop topics.

Blogger Panel: P2P Lending 2.0 Trends - A diverse group of banking, microfinance, P2P lending and social networking experts shed light on trends impacting Prosper, financial services and personal finance.

Prosper Days 2008: Town Hall Lunch - Town Hall Lunch with Chris Larsen, John Witchel and Bob Kagle.

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