Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prosper's predictive bidding and other startling news

Yesterday Prosper rolled out a new feature - predictive bidding. After mining their database and looking at various clicking patters Prosper has been able to determine with a 90% degree of accuracy if you are going to bid on a loan. In those cases, they will go ahead and bid for you. "In an effort to save our lenders some precious time, we decided that when we observe these patterns (among others), we should just go ahead and place a bid on the lender’s behalf," wrote Andrew Martinez-Fonts. "It’s kind of like a portfolio plan where the main criterion is your excitement level!"

And that's not all - they will soon roll out predictive funds transfers. Martinez-Fonts explains, "If your account ran out of money because of all those predictive bids, don’t worry – we’ll initiate a transfer for a fresh $500. You deserve it."

Meanwhile, on the forums there are new developments in the cybersquatting legal challenge against Prosper Report. 112233 writes:

"Apparently they are withdrawing their cybersquatting claims and are in the process of issuing an apology. I should be receiving it by mail in the next couple of days from Prosper's attorney on behalf of John Witchel (I will be receiving a personal call and apology directly from Mr Witchel once the legal side of this is resolved)."

Meanwhile, Prosperousland, in a feat of investigative journalism, discovered Prosper is interfering with presidential politics. Mike reports, "Prosper is intentionally holding back on raising the lending limits and improving collections in Red leaning states to drive them further into economic recession, a condition that favors Democratic candidates in this election cycle."

Not to be outdone, Virgin Money owner Richard Branson teamed up with Google and launched Virgle - a venture dedicated to the establishment of a human settlement on Mars.

Ah, April Fools.

Other great news from around the web yesterday:

YouTube rick rolls users
TechCrunch sues Facebook
Tim Ferriss, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, revealed that he has outsourced his blog for the last year - I admit, he got me on this one.
Google announces Gmail Custom Time - Be on time. Every time.

Any other great April Fools jokes out there? Did someone get you?

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