Monday, February 9, 2009

Microcredit pioneer: Economic crisis is good

Last week at The George Washington University, microcredit pioneer Dr. Muhammad Yunus spoke about the financial crisis and creating a new normalcy that benefits the poor. I just came across this YouTube clip from the World Economic Forum at Davos. Here Dr. Yusus echoes many of the same ideas.

Yunus calls the current economic crisis "good" and "exciting" because it gives us an opportunity to create a "new normalcy." He says we should redesign the whole financial system so it is inclusive for all people. We should also create new types of business to change the world - social businesses. Through this, he believes, we can create a world without poverty, hunger and disease.

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mls gta said...

This is the attitude that's needed so badly! The attitude that assumes that the crisis isn't just crisis, but an opportunity - or THE opportunity we've been waiting for so so long. I personally don't believe that any economic system is able to allow a world without poverty, but there's still loads to change. Thanks for this encouraging video!