Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Virgin Money joins the Uncrunch America Campaign

Uncrunch America originally attracted attention when it amassed thousands of votes and was a top 10 idea in's campaign to find the top ideas for change in America. The idea gained additional momentum this week as Virgin Money joined competitor Lending Club to help raise awareness about the availability of alternative sources of credit.

Virgin Money facilitates loans through family and friends which is different than Lending Club's model. While loans between people who know each other can be made through Lending Club most of Lending Club's loans are made between people who do not know each other.

In addition to social loans, Virgin Money just entered the traditional mortgage loan market. Virgin Money is approved in 35 US states for both conventional and FHA loans and they expect to be fully licensed by the end of 2009. More than 150 mortgage brokers have joined their network.

Here are the three options presented to visitors at Uncrunch America:

Personal loans - If you have good credit you can now get a personal loan of up to $25,000 funded by fellow members at a fair interest rate through Lending Club. Free membership and easy online application.

Small business loans - If you are a small business and need more than $25,000, On Deck Capital has been actively lending to small, healthy, store front businesses throughout the credit crunch.

Home loans - Traditional Mortgages or Social Mortgages, Virgin Money has creditworthy borrowers covered. Check out our traditional mortgage for fair rates and a fast closing or consider our social mortgage for a great deal if you're borrowing from family.


Anonymous said...

This is totally new knowledge for me.Thanks for this wonderful source of information.

PK said...

American crisis will end when people will stop taking loan.Answer to crisis less spending,more saving.Its good virgin is jumping in to loan business.I hope they will make profit and wont go bankrupt like other US banks.

Anonymous said...

The opportunity for family and friends to provide loans to each other in this way seems like a smart move in this shaky economy.

LadyHatch said...

Wow, this is great information. This econmoy is really faltering and so many people are loosing there homes. I hope it gets under control.