Friday, April 24, 2009

FinovateStartup: Stock Market Resources

FINOVATESTARTUP 2009 opens next week in California and we’re still researching all of the amazing participant companies.

Here are quick profiles of several applications that might be of interest to prospective stock market investors.

First up is
WeSeed’s basic principle is that everyone should be able to use the stock market. It uses a gaming-type platform to match your interests with stocks you might like to follow, and then gives you a virtual investment to create a virtual portfolio. While the money and the trades are imagined, the data is all real, allowing users to get their feet in the sandbox without the risk of loosing their hard-earned-savings. It also opens stock trading fun up to those of us who don’t have spare change to sink into the market.

Next is KaChing, previously the Facebook app FSX) KaChing allows you to follow 1500 users who generated positive returns in 2008 (perhaps the only investors who generated positive returns in 08?). It proves free open-source access to previously unavailable financial data for those who are serious about breaking down the stock market. KaChing allows users to track real or virtual portfolio and build, test and populate investing algorithms. This isn’t the sandbox folks, this is the nitty-gritty. is next. They’ve recently registered with the SEC as an investment advisor. They allow for real or virtual portfolios. The novelty here is that all trades are completely transparent and public to all users. Pretty interesting stuff!

Finally, is an application which shows potential diversification options for your portfolio. It’s free to use and again can be used with your real or your virtual portfolio.

Within this list there’s something for everyone at every level of stock-market-knowledge. Good luck and happy trading!

Jessica Ward is a personal finance blogger and freelance writer based in Seattle. She also blogs at


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