Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prosper among best of show at FinovateStartup09

Netbanker just announced the winners of the best of show awards at FinovateStartup09 and they are Prosper, BillShrink (our review), Silver Tail Systems and SimpliFi. The winners were selected by ballots from conference attendees.

After a six-month quiet period to register their platform with the SEC, Prosper re-opened yesterday at Finovate. They are currently serving borrowers in all 50 states and lenders in California.


Heatherjrock said...

I'm glad BillShrink won! I was just playing around with it and it's a great site! Really easy to read and very informative! I learned so much about credit cards! Congrats on the win!

XjoshhyX said...

Never really figured out the site too well, but it is really cool. The whole learning experience was a great one to have had the chance to take part in.

Fred93 said...

It is astonishing that Prosper could win anything at Finovate09, because of course Prosper started up in 2006! Perhaps the award is a phoney?