Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Notorious Prosper borrower gets 21 months in jail

Jessica Wolcott, or JessM as she is known on Prosper, created quite a stir in the forums last year as she attempted to borrow $20,000 while juggling a half dozen other scams. (See our earlier coverage - A Prosper scam: The story of Jessica Wolcott). Wolcott, 23, tried to extort $125,000 out Pepsi Bottling Group Executive Vice President Gary Wandschneider after meeting him on online.

She has been sentenced to 21 months of jail time. "Ms. Wolcott is a grifter," said the U.S. District Judge at the sentencing in White Plains. "She is a con artist." Surprisingly, her $20,000 Prosper loan is still current.

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