Saturday, December 22, 2007

ScriptLance project: Prosper or Zopa clone

This is a time of dramatic growth for the p2p lending market. Over $100 million has exchanged hands on Prosper and investors have provided over $40 million in venture capital. Lending Club is growing rapidly, has expanded nationwide, and received $10 million in venture capital. GlobeFunder missed their planned October launch but should be opening their doors soon. Loanio also missed their planned fall launch but should open in the Spring. Zopa recently received $13 million in venture capital and expanded to the U.S. Canada's CommunityLend just raised $2.5 million and will be launching soon.

This exciting growth and the mainstream adoption of p2p lending in the general public will cause new p2p lending companies to emerge in the U.S. and throughout the world. We have observed several projects on freelance coding websites to build "Prosper clones."
  1. The first advertisement was in late June on Rent a Coder. The winning bid was Hiren Kotadiya from India who agreed to build a Prosper clone for $250.
  2. Next we found an ad on from someone looking for help building a peer-to-peer lending site.
  3. A third ad in July on ScriptLance asked for help building a site similar to
  4. A fourth ad, also in July, on asked for someone to build a P2P lending site for the Asian market.

Another project just appeared on ScriptLance. Someone wants to build a "Prosper or Zopa Clone." The project budget is $300-600 and here is the description:

"We are looking for clone of either Prosper or Zopa or a mix of these two sites. We need full design, programming and setup of the website and the underlying databases. the clone must not be violating copyrights of prosper nor zopa.

  1. Programming languages to be open source (e.g. PHP/mySQL)
  2. has the features and functionalities of prosper or zopa
  3. online payment gateway integrated
  4. Daily communication / update during website building is necessary (via email/msn/or PMB)
  5. Bidders please state clearly your delivery timeframe and link of demo. Thanks for bidding!"
As venture capital continues to flow into p2p lending companies we will see more competitors emerge.

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