Monday, July 9, 2007

Help wanted: Build competitor to Prosper

For the second time this month someone has placed an advertisement on a freelance website seeking developers to build a Prosper competitor. Last week we reported that someone had hired a developer through to create a "working, stripped-down version of" by July 27th for $250. Yesterday someone posted a similar project on iFreelance. Here are the project specifications:

"We are looking to have a peer-to-peer lending site developed. It will have similar functionality to the existing sites in the market....For an example of a peer-to-peer lending site please see We are looking to get started on this project immediately and are developing it on a very tight schedule."

Bidding on the project is open for a week and there are already four bids ranging from $3,000-$8,000.


Matt said...

Very interesting. I would guess that it would take at least a six figure (if not 7 figure) budget to come up with a site that has all the features of Prosper. Definitely not something that can be done for $250 or even $3000-$8000.

thisguy said...


Prosper's problem is not the platform/technology

its the execution and implementation of the concepts behind it.