Thursday, July 26, 2007

Man receives 2,000 credit cards

So this post isn't exactly about P2P lending, but it is finance-related and funny so I thought I'd share. NYC resident Frank Van Buren was flooded in plastic when he received 2,000 credit cards in the mail. He has had an Citibank ExxonMobil account for years and ordered two copies of the card because they were expiring. "How could you send me 2,000 cards by mistake?" Van Buren said he asked customer-service representatives after spending hours shredding them. None of the 2,000 cards had activation stickers which help prevent identity theft and Citibank refused to take them back. Wow, and I thought the occasional credit card junk mail was bad enough. Looks like another reason to cut up the credit card and turn to P2P lending.

In other crazy credit card news, 9-year-old Kyle Shoemaker has two credit cards and an $18,000 line of credit. No, he didn't order them. He's the unfortunate victim of identity theft. Credit cards are just too easy to get.

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