Monday, July 30, 2007

Zopa makes top 10 UK startup list

The Guardian Unlimited announced the top 10 UK startups and Zopa, UK's peer to peer lending site, is number 9 on the list. According to the Guardian, "Driven by the surge of Web 2.0 sites and the widespread penetration of broadband, Britain's dot economy is growing fast and – for now at least – there are no real signs of a bust on the horizon." Zopa is among the companies leading this dotcom growth in the UK.

Although we have not written about Zopa much on Prosper Lending Review, we are watching them closely as they prepare to launch in the United States. On the main page they proudly announce, "Zopa is coming to the US: want a preview?" If you enter your email you will be notified when the preview is ready. Zopa also has a (somewhat quiet) discussion board for the U.S and they have published their first U.S. newsletter. has a much more active forum about Zopa. The provocative tagline: "Until we all defect to Zopa, one board should do it for now =)"

Awards like the one Zopa received from the Guardian are not unusual for peer to peer lending sites. Prosper was named Time Magazine's site of the year in 2006 and one of the top 50 sites of 2007.


Matt said...

Nice article. They have had the Zopa coming to US
soon teaser on their web page for over a year and a half now. It will be interesting to see how their launch goes when they finally do make it to the US. The rumor was that they are still working on finishing up their lender licensing info in a few states since in the US it has to be done on a state-by-state basis.

There are a couple states where Prosper can't make personal loans, but there was some postings on the Prosper forum saying that Zopa wanted
to have the ability to lend in all 50 states before launching.

I signed up about a year ago on their website to be notified when Zopa is available in the US, and in that year I haven't received any emails from them.

Anonymous said...

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